Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Word. Kesha.

Kesha, kesha, kesha. She is quite the character, isn't she? Did anyone by chance get to see her Saturday Night Live performance? Well sadly, I did. And if you didn't I highly recommend watching it. You want to know my thoughts on it? Alright here it is. The performance, luckily, only lasted four minutes and thirty one seconds. Which is pretty normal I'd say. For the first Eight Seconds she dramatically stands there with that oh so dramatic look on her face, while the spotlight turns on. Again, pretty normal. Then she starts to sing. Which by the way the song she is singing is Tik Tok. That up beat, club dance song we've all heard on the radio. But whats this? She starts singing..and..its very slow. I'm sure you're saying "Wait i thought this was supposed to be an fast song?" and yes it is. Kinda annoying right? But to her credit her vocals weren't all that bad for the first part. Oh okay here she goes, after about twenty odd seconds of singing a fast song slow, she turns around and oh! Wait, wait. She's wearing a cape? Yes, she is wearing a cape. Maybe she was trying to spice things up a bit? And come on, what better way to do that then..wear a cape..? It gets better. Not only is she wearing a cape, but when she gets to the microphone stand, she takes both ends of her cap and spreads it out. Kinda like, she wants to fly away. But when she doesn't, you then see that the inside of her cape looks like an American Flag. Which also matches perfectly with the American flag on the microphone stand. Ok so she likes things to be similar and she's patriotic. That's justifiable. Another 10 seconds goes by and she finally starts to sing. Quite terribly. And when you just think it can't get any worse she starts to dance. With, might I add, two astronauts dancing behind her. Which i guess, ties in with the whole similarity thing because her whole band is dressed up as astronauts.
 *Random thought* don't you wonder who the dancers are behind her? And if you were one of them wouldn't you be so proud of saying "Hey! Hey! Look that's me! I'm the one on the left, dancing like an idiot with an astronaut costume on! I know you can't really tell, but that's definitely me!" (Back to the subject)

And so her attempting to sing, while dance with astronauts, while wearing a cap, drags on for another minute or two. Then the lights dim down. She, again very dramatically, walks to the front of the stage and says this "DID ANYBODY EVER STOP TO THINK, MAYBE WE ARE THE ALIENS?" Did You ever think that? You know, I'm going to have to say that has never crossed my mind. Oh but this explains why she had her whole band dress up as astronauts! Because astronauts go off into space where aliens are. Right? Well then confetti flies down from then roof while her performance come to an end. Of course she shots a big million dollar smile to all of her clapping, screaming, adoring fans. That, is when the agony ends. Now I still don't completely understand the whole cape thing. I guess that just topped the whole thing off and made it, Epic. But overall, to be nice, it was a very uh Creative performance. Yeah Creative. Hope you enjoyed my outlook on this. You will better understand it if you watch her performance, I promise.
One last thought, on Youtube the adding comments thing below the video of her performance had been disabled. Maybe the Extra Terrestrials got offended. Who knows.

Here's the link to the video.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughtless, Thoughtful, Thursdays.

Here we go people, I have a blog. Go me! Their are but a few reasons why I am doing this. One, too share my likes and dislikes of this world. Two, to share some good, random, funny, or weird thoughts i might have. Three, to help with my writing skills. And lastly, to compete with my mom. Yep. She now has a blog as well (which is probably way better then mine, in the aspect of learning something), but i don't care! So please, follow me..not her :)

Alright, now that I have explained myself, we can move onto bigger and better things. Well, more important things at least. I think for my first post I should be a little serious, and actually talk about something useful, while using no sarcasm. Or attempting to. Hm, this is gonna be difficult.

Okay, well i thought i should share a bible verse and my thoughts on it. Because if you don't know me, I should let you know that I am a Christian. Completely sold out for God. No that does not mean I'm perfect. I'm far far from it unfortunately! But I am trying to be the best I can every single day. That's all you can do right? So I read in the book of Psalms a lot. (Er, Psalm not Psalms) And i stumbled across this verse. "You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light." Psalm 17:28. I don't know about you, but to me, that's pretty powerful. Let me say again with a little more emphasis. "You, O Lord, (the Creator of Everything! The Most High, the Most Holy!) Keep my Lamp (My Light, Myself, Everything that Defines me!) Burning (Burning for you, You keep me going). My GOD turns My DARKNESS into LIGHT. He turns my Sin, my Shame, my Past, my Regrets, Everything that I have ever Done or Said...into a Beautiful Light. He turns my nasty nasty Rags into amazing Riches. . Maybe you're thinking, "Well Rainy, isn't that a little to deep for a first post?" And yeah, maybe it is. But i think definitely its worth sharing. So why should I wait? God's pretty awesome. I already know that. But do you?

I promise my next post will be a funny one! Just wanted to share something cool, hope it got you thinking. :)