Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a Funny Little Thing Called Life.

  Sooo, I was thinking the other day. (which really hasn't happened to much lately, it is summer) I was thinking about funny quotes and stuff that you hear everybody say. And I came across two very peculiar sayings. That I, myself, tend to say A LOT. The first one is - No, yeah. Have you ever been in one of those situations where your agreeing with the subject that's talking, but they just happened to be talking about something they don't like or something that they disagree on? So what do you say? No, Yeah. Why on earth would you say that?! I wonder who came up with that anyway. But I really wonder though if I have ever confused somebody while saying that.... mmm, probably. Well just think about it, why couldn't you say "Why yes I agree with you" or "Yep! I know what you're saying" or something along those lines. Yet, I always without fail say "No, yeah! I totally agree." *other person's mind* "So she agrees... with not agreeing." Does anyone else have this problem? Alright maybe not so I will move on.
 The second is - "Aw, well it's the thought that counts" Now I know everyone has said this at some point in there life.  Usually you say it to reassure that certain someone that, ya know, it's all good. But is it? Think about it.. if it was really the "thought that counts" then I would be set for life! I could go to a party, not bring a present, and say "Oh, I 'thought' about buying you a present buttt as the saying goes it's the 'thought that counts' " Pat yourself on the back for that one. Or how bout "Well I thought about cleaning my room and doing my chores but uh haha that didn't happen. But I sure thought about it! And it's the Thought that Counts" Try pullin' that one on your parents. And this is my favorite "I haven't worked out in years... but you have no idea how much I've thought about it! Day in and day out I think about having that amazing body and going to the gym. And I don't understand! Everybody always say that it's the 'thought that counts' and like I said I sure do think a lot about it! So why do I not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?! I just, I just don't get it."
  Hope this got you thinking. But don't think to much. Cause it's not always the "thought that counts". No, yeah?!
          I'll be back.